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There is a new article about how to communicate in a more helpful way with people who are clinically depressed. The newest feature, about bipolar artists and authors continues with Beethoven’s 7th symphony. That is the one of the most profound musical compositions that I know of and the best picture of melancholia, period.

005 - 00 - Do they respond. Do they seem distant

“How are you doing?” does not mean what it says. When we ask this question we rarely want to know how the other person is really doing, particularly in depth. When we are dealing with someone that is depressed we need to admit that and respect it. And when are depressed and try to answer this question we should not respond honestly — if that causes harm. Instead we can learn to simply “ping” each other in the situation, to find out if they are there, if they will respond, and to gauge the distance between us.

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“Come then, goddess, answer me truthfully this:
is there some way for me to escape away from deadly Charybdis,
but yet fight the other one off, when she attacks my companions?”

Get off your butt and let's walk

Here is one way that I deal with the hyperfocus of Bipolar/ADD. I have alarms on my android tablet set to go off at certain times (which become increasingly annoying when I try to snooze them) and compel me to do certain activities. This is my dog’s favorite.

Odysseus sails between Scylla and Charybdis

Odysseus had to navigate between the two destructive forces — a ferocious six-headed sea monster and a downward spiraling maelstrom. If you read the Odyssey and work through the analogy there are similarities to navigating between mania and depression.

16.08.20 - 002.01.1 - Matthew Writing

This post is intended to be a reverse chronological history of what happened at this website, mostly for the purposes of the site’s author. Other website newbies are very welcome to skim and comment.

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