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A plea to authors who also make enthusiastic use of images

Hi fellow pressers! Can you help a fellow blogger out? If any reader or passersby has come to a comfortable, technically solid reconciliation with the organization of images in a WordPress media library, please take this opportunity to do your good deed for today. Please comment and explain how you did so. It will be graciously appreciated. The Internet gods will smile benevolently down upon you.


Untamed Mind 2.0

Changes are being made behind the curtain at All posts and the majority of pages were redacted. Most will be reissued after they have been rewritten and interwoven with new and older material. If you like this site you are encouraged to “follow it,” because posts will be relatively infrequent relative to other websites of its kind (eventually 2-3 articles a month), and the timing of posts may be erratic depending upon the editor’s health.