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Bipolar irritability, Part 2 — High, low, everywhere we go

This is part 2 of 3 in the “Bipolar Irritability” series.

These three videos were created in an attempt to convey what it is like to experience teeth grating irritability in extreme bipolar mood states. This second clip attempts to express how this irritability is a feature in manic states — hypomania (beginning of clip) and full blown mania (images at the end of the clip). The soundtrack however is Beethoven depressed irritability at its most impressive.

I could wax poetic about the technical challenges and difficulties involved and bore my dear readers. So not.

But there are some of you who may say, “Oh my! This is marvelous! How can I do this?”

In your case I would say that “Buyer beware,” There is a ton of “free!” video editing software out there that is not free (imagine cute frowny face emoticons here) — you waste hours of your time because they crash and fail to do as promised.

What I finally ended up doing is purchasing an Adobe CC license, because I still have my account. If you too have a “.edu” account you too are able to very occasionally get deals. In this case it is worth it for me. $20/month for year one, $35/month thereafter. I am poor, but my time is worth something, and I get Adobe quality audio, image, and video editing.

But Adobe CC crashes too! Such is life.

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