Poetry, Transcendence of bipolar disorder

Erasing ourselves (an ode to polar bears)

The underself


We each began as blank canvas, yours an icy field sparkling with possibility and fire.

Pieces of life came into our being, into focus, and then melted away and below.

The cursed, tragic threads in both our lives ebbed and flowed with cruel treachery,
Breathing life into parts of our being and relentlessly drawing them away.


Now the deepness beckons.
Turning aside, you watch the floes depart in resignation.
You grieve their loss and know it foreshadows your own departure.
But all in peaceful acceptance.
No resistance, just a letting go.

We are killing your beloved, frozen giants.
You find solace in the certainty of their return.
Knowing that you will not be there to greet them
And so you tenderly say goodbye.

Your beauty aches in me and claws at my heart.
Losing you is unfathomable.
Your teach me.
“Eternity is this moment.
And this. 
There is nothing to cling to.
And it is best so.”

So I sort my self as I watch you.
I begin to erase the fleeting and tender in mournful, grateful song.
Watching you erase yourself willingly, gracefully, completely,
I glimpse the vastness beyond.


– Summersday
Writing this poem, I cried an ocean.


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