Premiering next Monday: Bipolar Irritability — The mood from HELL

Appearances to the contrary, behind the scenes I just spent an enormous (ENORMOUS) amount of time and energy creating the next 3 posts. It took so long because I had to teach myself audio and video editing in Windows 10. Agh. And God help me with free software, which crashed seemingly more than it succeeded.

The 3 video clips are completed and coming up very soon. They are a series: Bipolar Irritability — The mood from HELL.

Part 1 is a familiar clip, stolen from a familiar movie, which depicts more clearly than anything I know what it feels like to be inside of what they used to call a “mixed state,”  both manic and depressed at the same time. Try teaching that concept to a class of wary upper division psych students. “But how can it be both,” they whined. And apparently the psychiatric community buckled to the conundrum and DSM-V no longer tries to describe it in that way.

Part 2 was a bastard to create, but it was a very creative frustration. I recommend that one. It combines music, images (and the important use of timing as I learned), to create a 3 minute video collage conveying the experience of bipolar irritability. Objectively speaking, it is pretty cool.

Part 3 was fun. As a sort of dessert, it depicts in humorous tones how, although we may be intimidating in our bipolar irritability and wrath, let’s get over ourselves.

So, starting Monday: Bipolar irritability — The mood from HELL.

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