A plea to WordPress.com authors who also make enthusiastic use of images

Hi fellow pressers! Can you help me out? I would appreciate your technical advice and commiseration.

After attempting to organize the large number of images in this blog, it became clear that the choices that WordPress has made to organize and simplify media libraries had created a situation in which these images were effectively held hostage.

This fact was problematic for this particular website because there is an enthusiastic use of images. There were already over eighty images stored here when this fact was recognized, and hundreds of images waiting in the wings which were associated with unpublished articles.

But it was discovered that, after images were uploaded into a media library and successfully used in this site, the only way that they could be retrieved and downloaded was one image at a time. In addition, valuable information about an image was lost in this transition, e.g. tags.

It did not help that media libraries are accessible only in a stream of consciousness format, strictly in the order in which they are uploaded. That makes finding specific images difficult, unless time was initially taken to wisely add tags etc. to the photos. But even if these additions had been made it is apparently not possible to organize images by post or pages within a media library, which is how an enthusiastic, exacting author might think about organizing images.

Pardon some frustrated French, but WTF?

Post_002_03_v1 - The karmic cause of bipolar disorder is aversion

Hold out hope that this is merely ignorance or a lack of patience on my part.

This situation could have been redressed by something like FTP access to WordPress.com images. While that access is offered to WordPress.org users, it is not possible for sites which are hosted on WordPress.com. WordPress.org sites are “self-hosted” and appear to have been created by those with more technical acumen, e.g. businesses. Since they are given FTP access to a site, they may have to shoulder responsiblities for issues like security or storage space. But WordPress apparently attempts to shield WordPress.com users from some technical details, which are unclear but undoubtably important and necessary. They appear to have made the decision that direct access to website files is not necessary or perhaps not safe for most customers.

This particular website attempted to live within these limitations. But it became apparent that WordPress organizes images by date, storing them within separate directories. And if an image is uploaded more than once WordPress will rename it, adding a number to the filename.

Once this became clear, all hope for successfully re-organizing large numbers of images was lost. This website was temporarily abandoned and serious consideration was made about the possibility of bringing down the site altogether.

But for individuals who view themselves as long on creativity but short on cash WordPress is a godsend. So the decision was made to keep this website at WordPress.com and to make a valiantly if grumpy attempt to unwrinkle these technicalities.

We shall see what will triumph at this website – the technical abilities of the editor (combined with your own) or the irritation and frustration caused by the WordPress-centric organization of images.

Post_002_05_v2 - Even the Dalai Lama

This problem has been encountered by many other WordPress.com sites. If a reader has come to a comfortable, technical reconciliation with this situation, please – do your good deed for today and write a comment explaining how you did so. It will be graciously appreciated. The Internet gods will smile benevolently down upon you.

Thank you for your generous attention. And no, this plea is not going to be posted in the forum. It is part of the process of creating this blog. Besides, publishing it here permits the enthusiastic use of images.

Post_002_04_v1 - Spiritual Friends

Spiritual Friends


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