Untamed Mind 2.0

At the moment there are changes being made behind the curtain at this website. To begin with, all posts and the majority of pages were redacted. Most of them will be reissued after they have been rewritten.Why is this happening? For some time the issue has been raised about whether or not the website should continue and in what form. What would be useful? What could be next? It was decided to recommit to publishing the material after it was edited more carefully and the website approach was revamped.

On a technical side note, for listeners who are also bloggers at WordPress, the primary impetus for this change was the fact that WordPress organized website images in such a fashion that they are essentially held hostage. That problem almost derailed this site completely. This technical difficulty has been experienced by other bloggers here at WordPress and will be described in the next post. This handicap is outweighed by the liberality of free WordPress resources. But it is a significant liability if the site makes enthusiastic use of images.

Since it will take time to backfill this webpage, if you are curious about the website but not certain that you want to “follow it” (i.e. sign up to receive email notifying you that new material has been added to the site), you are encouraged to go to the “Wayback machine” at archive.org. There you can find old versions archived of many different websites, including this one. The most recent snapshot of this website was made on June 13, 2017. It is incomplete and apparently they do not save images. But it will allow you to see the general tone of UntamedMind.com 1.0 and find interesting facts about the editor.

It has been estimated that there will be two to three times new articles a month added to this website, on average. This is primarily due to the limitations and vicissitudes of bipolar disorder. This creates periodic dips in motivation, energy, and enthusiasm which accompanied the disorder which cannot be controlled completely. Instead of constantly fighting that limitation it has been decided to change the goal of the website posting frequency. Standing a limitation on its head might actually be beneficial. If less material is added over time it gives the opportunity to create articles which are more carefully crafted, rather than a bunch of half-cooked posts.

If you are enjoying this website then you are encouraged to sign up to receive notifications about new material. Coming by every once in a while will not be fruitful. And if you have a WordPress feed yourself the relative rarity of these posts will be drowned out by the posts written by other more prolific authors.

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