The yin yang of Snoopy

I made this for a different post and didn’t use it. But I like it and spent a lot of work creating it, so I’m hanging it up here anyway.


Snoopy high and low

Snoopy high and low



  1. […] via The yin yang of Snoopy β€” Untamed Mind […]


    1. Cool. I’ve never been linked before. Feels like high school πŸ™‚


  2. It’s super-awesome! I grew up loving Snoopy and I really love this….you did a great job.


    1. Hi Dyane – thanks for the kind words. I wanted to respond earlier but I’ve been electronically challenged this week. Does it ever feel like the gods of the Internet and goddesses of Electronica just have it out for you? That was me this week. It doesn’t last, but for a while I feel like a gnarly computer problem magnet. One of the end results was a new phone, which I would like to enjoy but I have to reinstall everything 😦 the yin/yang of new electronic equipment.

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      1. Thanks for your wonderful comment – you asked “does it ever feel like the gods of the Internet and goddesses of Electronica just have it out for you? ” and the answer is a resounding YES!!!!!!! Good luck with that new phone, and I’ll send some positive “juju” your way right now! 🌞


      2. Positive juju? Between that and the sparkling sunlight here (after too many days of rain) I am set. Thanks!

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