Bipolar disorder, ADD, blogging, and dogging


I’ve known for a while now that bipolar disorder and attention deficit disorder overlap biologically.

But the experience of it is more direct and problematic. It’s ridiculously easy  for me to drown in my mind, especially a computer activity, never coming up for air, going without food for long periods of time, not even realizing that I need air or food.

Here is one way that I deal with that. I have alarms on my android tablet set to go off at certain times (which become increasingly annoying when I try to snooze them) and compel me to do certain activities. This alarm just went off, so it’s time to leave blogging and go dogging. Here is the song that I use, highly recommended after much experimentation, to get myself out of myself and out the door.

And here is my motivation, ESA Sergeant Samwise, fearless from day one.

Samwise - First day



  1. I didn’t realize that I could use my android tablet to make a schedule of reminders. I’ve seen peop!e use it on Android phones and thought I had to wait till I upgrade. Are there apps you’ve found better than others, anyone?


    1. Oh yes, that is one of my main uses of my android devices I use three different apps for this.

      * Alarm Clock Plus is wonderful. I have used it for years. Once you learn how to use it it is very reliable. There is enough customization for most people, including the ability to set snooze buttons, use different pieces of music four different alarms , etc. It is relatively old in the android app world, but the programmer created it so that it can be used for other purposes than simply waking up in the morning.

      * Gentle Alarm is also excellent. It is a more recent app, and has a slightly different purpose. You can set a pre-alarm for waking up in the morning. You choose a piece of music that gradually builds up volume over time until it is at full volume. Then the real alarm goes off and you can use a second piece of music. I really like the ability to customize a picture for each alarm to go along with the auditory cue.

      * Timers4me Is the app that I use for timers. I can customize the sound and the picture for the widget, e.g. I have a timer on my desktop for 20 minutes. Although I like it the picture for the widget is unreliable.

      I’m more than 50% computer nerd. So the programs that I choose are usually those that give you a lot more options. But I also research to make sure that they’re dependable and well reviewed.

      cheers to healthy habits!

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  2. Your dog is absolutely ADORABLE! I had someone with an ESA cat in my support group. Although she didn’t bring the cat to our meetings…. And Samwise, well, even this ignorance gal got the Tolkien reference. (I think! 😜)

    I use my cell phone Alarm Clock app to see off my hourly “drink water” song reminder – it works so well. Gentle Alarm clock sounds so cool – I’ll check it out – thanks for listing what you use; that’s super-helpful!


    1. My friend named my dog, she always wanted to name her dog Samwise. I like the “To Hell and back with you!” name for a dog though. If you like cute puppies (I’m in that camp, some people aren’t) this is the one I use for my “it’s time to get sleepy” alarm.

      Time to sleepy

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